When Your Mom is a Children’s Librarian….

Cheers! -Miss Molly

Banned Books Week 2017!

It's that time again - Banned Books Week! One of my teens found the idea on Pinterest (of course!) and my amazing assistant surprised me by creating this display for me in the Teen Space, complete with a Passive Program!

Summer Scratch Tickets for Teens!

Originally posted on Teen Services Underground  This summer I completely changed things up for the teen program with scratch tickets! I had bookmarked an excellent post from 5 Minute Librarian and decided (kinda last minute) to just go for it. My numbers for Teen Summer Reading have been pretty steady over the past few years [...]

Have you heard of Brightly Storytime?

Brightly is a website created by Penguin Random House. I am so grateful to my colleague for sharing it with me! It has some incredible resources and book lists, often with some slightly older titles that I've missed in my orders! They cover all ages - even grownups! I subscribe to their email list and I [...]

Little Free Library Spotting!

Last week, my family and I rented a house on the Cape. I took my daughter for a walk and found this adorable Little Free Library in front of a cute little house. I was pretty excited - I've never actually seen one! There was even a baby bunny sitting next to it. You cannot [...]

Teen Services vs. Customer Service

Re-posted from my recent post on Teen Services Underground: A few months ago my library held a multi-library staff training on customer service. This is one of the areas I have always felt our staff really excelled at, and our library is widely known for being very friendly and welcoming to patrons. There were definitely [...]

A Quistory Lesson with Sarah Prager!

            I recently had the pleasure of hosting a visit from Sarah Prager, author of the awesome new YA nonfiction book, Queer, There and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World. I can't recommend this book enough. It's an incredible resource to have as a Youth Services Librarian. Please check [...]

PotterFest 2017!

It's that time of year again - Harry Potter's Birthday is, today, July 31st! And we celebrate every year at our library with a themed party. In the past, I've called this program "Harry Potter's Birthday Party" but I changed it up this year and renamed it "PotterFest." The new name seems more appealing to [...]

TSU Feature: Ukulele Club!

          I've been a slacker about posting so here is a link to one of my Teen Services Underground features on our Ukulele Club at my library! I have been thinking about it today because I am enjoying a "stay-cation" this week and wasn't able to attend the July meeting. (I [...]

Websites You Should Know About: SmartFeed

GUILT-FREE SCREEN TIME.... Seriously.  So I am loving this website! As a newbie parent of a toddler, I am constantly having an internal battle with myself about how much screen time is too much, and also about the content of what my daughter is watching. (Confession: I kind of don't mind watching My Little Pony. [...]