Picturebook Friday ~ Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes

OK, so I am going to attempt to review at least one  picturebook every Friday….we’ll see how that goes.

First up is…….

Little Brown, 2009

My library page, Ali, has incredibly good taste in all things, especially picturebooks. She gives me a list of books to order every once in awhile that she’s found online and this was one of them. It’s a cute story and I am in love with Sujean Rim’s gorgeous illustrations. Watercolor and collage combine to make wonderfully whimsical and colorful images, and work well to juxtapose a little girl’s fantasy with her mother’s drool-worthy and very pointy high heels.

Birdie “helps” her mother get dressed in the morning and dreams of how much more fun everything would be if she could only wear high heels. Her mother tells her she’ll “have years and years to wear high heels,” but eventually relents after much big-eyed pleading. Birdie rushes to choose a pair, and instantly feels “glamorous.” However, her mother’s shoes are not quite as fun to dance in, or play hide and seek, or do cartwheels in as she thought they would be. In the end, Birdie realizes her own bare feet are  much more fun and she decides she isn’t ready for big-girl shoes – not yet, anyways.

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