A Wrinkle in Time’s 50th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is 50 years old! I am currently re-reading this book now for my Tween Book Club. I had planned it for this month, not even realizing it was the anniversary…..fate? Perhaps. Enjoying every minute of reading it again!

Click on the link below for an article on Wired.com.


2 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time’s 50th Anniversary

    • Miss Molly says:

      I know. I’m not actually that excited about this new cover, but it was kind of fun to gather all the different copies that have been printed over the years and show them to my Tween Book Club. I asked them before we read it and after which cover they liked best and which they thought best represented the book. It’s amazing what a newer cover can do – it got kids to read the Book of Three for summer reading. No one touched the old one, but I order 3 new ones and kids actually wanted to read more in the LLoyd Alexander series!

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