Mockingjay Pin!

I am SOOOO excited because I now have my very own Mockingjay Pin!! I cleaned out my local Hot Topic ($12.50 each) and 2 Walmarts ($7.00) and ended up with 7 pins total. They are sold out on Hot Topic’s online store! The ones at Walmart are tough to find. I went to 5 total and a staff member actually found 3 pins at one I had already checked. They were laying down, out of sight, in the book section – this is where I found the other ones too, with the books, in case you want to try and find them. (They are not online at and employees have no idea what they are when you ask for them.)

Crazy. So one is for me (purchased with my own hard-earned money, of course) and the rest will be for prizes for our Hunger Games Trivia Night tomorrow night!! Woohoo!!

I feel super-cool when I wear mine at work. Or….in public….

Happy Hunger Games 😉

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