Here I Go Again!

How is it my last post was 3 years ago? Time sure does fly when you aren’t sleeping/have a baby/have a full-time job/are just trying to get through the day.

Not a good excuse though. My life has changed so much in the last few years and my priorities have changed. I have an almost-two-year-old daughter who is amazing and adorable and CRAZY BUSY and demands all of my attention when I am home. I have come to realize just how much library work I used to do at home, Pre-Kid! When I wonder why it is that I feel so behind and rushed at work, or where my drive for creative programs and ideas has been hiding, I realize that everything is different now that I have a kid! I’m tired and drained. Sometimes I go to work and sit at my desk in the morning before we open and just enjoy the fact that I have two hands free! Or the fact that I can go to the bathroom without having to make sure she’s occupied, or trick her into wanting to come to the bathroom with me (there’s a hand dryer!!), or how she will be occupied in the bathroom with me, etc., etc. Work has become my free time in a way. Which I of course feel guilty about as a mom, but that’s a good topic for another post.

So, yeah, life has become a little more difficult. I am in awe of women who do everything with more than one kid! I can’t even imagine. But the great thing about having my own baby, now toddler, is that I feel like I sort of “get it.” I get the frustrated mom in the Children’s Room trying to get her child to stop banging on the keyboards, or stop climbing the book display shelves, or stop taking the DVDs out of the cases (why do we display them so low?!) Obviously, I’m no expert. But I get that most people aren’t either. I get that sometimes you selfishly might pick up a book to read the back or pull out your phone to quickly check a text message and your toddler completely vanishes into thin air – because mine does all that stuff and more!

And more than ever, I realize the importance of my job. And the importance that libraries play in the lives of parents and kids. And I hope that by starting up this blog again – under my very own domain, thank you very much! – I can help other librarians and parents the way so many of the bloggers I have been following in the last few years have helped me! BTW – I have to send a huge thank you to Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of I am still working on making sense of money (um, I’m an English major – I don’t do math! – JK. I have a calculator app) but Michelle’s amazing blog inspired me to give my blog another chance. If you are a blogger, you need to read Michelle’s blog!

So, here I go again!



Miss Molly



One thought on “Here I Go Again!

  1. Tricia says:

    Nice job Molly! Well said. Well written. 🙂 In case no one has told you-you are doing a great job. As a mom and as a Assistant Director/Head of Youth Services at Charlton Public Library!!!

    – Tricia M.

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