Websites You Should Know About: SmartFeed


So I am loving this website! As a newbie parent of a toddler, I am constantly having an internal battle with myself about how much screen time is too much, and also about the content of what my daughter is watching. (Confession: I kind of don’t mind watching My Little Pony. Don’t judge me!) That little sponge-brain of her’s is soaking up everything – and now that she’s older – regurgitating it to everyone she sees! SmartFeed has been a really helpful (and FREE) tool for me and I hope it will be for you! If anything, it will help ease the parent-guilt of allowing screen time.

(And check out the articles on their blog! These are incredibly well-researched and well-written by some smart people! )

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SmartFeed makes it easy for parents to find inspiring and engaging media options for their kids to make screen time more meaningful. With more than 30,000 titles in the SmartFeed database – including Movies, TV shows, Apps, Games and Books – parents can easily find the best ratings and reviews, and create customized playlists for kids based on their interests, academic levels and the family values.

SmartFeed offers parents newfound control over what their kids watch, play and share. Think of SmartFeed as the best way to have healthy media stocked on your digital shelves when screen time is right for your kids.

SmartFeed is a FREE go-to resource for parents that will help them navigate easily the ocean of children’s media out there. Signing up on SmartFeed is quick and easy.

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