Have you heard of Brightly Storytime?

Brightly is a website created by Penguin Random House. I am so grateful to my colleague for sharing it with me! It has some incredible resources and book lists, often with some slightly older titles that I’ve missed in my orders! They cover all ages – even grownups! I subscribe to their email list and I always enjoy opening it because I know I will find something fun and useful for work or for myself and my daughter.
This week I discovered Brightly Storytime videos. Their most current one had a special guest in the beginning – Elmo! – and then they read Elmo’s Tricky Tongue Twisters by Sarah Albee. Yet another book I didn’t know about. (I’m beginning to doubt my library skills!) The videos seem to be only about 5-6 minutes long each, which is just about the length of most toddlers’ attention span. You can watch the videos on the Brightly Site or find them on Youtube. 

Miss Molly 

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