YA Book Display: Anti-Valentine’s Day

I'm a few days late posting this but I wanted to share what my TAB group put together for an Anti-Valentine's Day display in the Teen Space. They did a great job, and some patrons even added their own  heartbroken literary character names to the list!    

Banned Books Week 2017!

It's that time again - Banned Books Week! One of my teens found the idea on Pinterest (of course!) and my amazing assistant surprised me by creating this display for me in the Teen Space, complete with a Passive Program!

Election Day in the Children’s Room

It wasn't even close, with Pigeon winning in an overwhelming 2 to 1 victory over Pete the Cat. Pigeon, amusing, outspoken and often times devious, was not really taken seriously as a candidate for president. Pete the Cat - known for sage advice in his "Groovy Guides" to life and love, was thought to be [...]

Tearable Puns and Other Passive Teen Programs

When I do my monthly attendance figures, children's program attendance is always much larger than my teen attendance. Of course, programs for kids are usually well-attended, so we have lots of those. Teen programs, not so much. I tend to have less teen programs because of low attendance or none at all. This past month, [...]

“They’re here….”: Teens in the Library

Yesterday I attended the 8th Annual Teen Summit in Worcester, MA. As always, I was very impressed with the speakers and with the incredible organization of the entire thing by MLS staff. Apparently there was a record attendance this year, which just goes to show how many libraries / librarians are interested in learning how [...]

There’s No “I” In Library….wait, yes there is…

I started out my library career as a Library Tech, or Library Page, as we call them at our library. I was briefly a Story Time Coordinator, and then some other made up position - Associate Librarian, maybe? And then the Library I worked at finally managed to create a Children's Librarian position and that [...]

Blind Date with a Book

Borrowed, yet again, from Pinterest and other libraries, this is my version of "Blind Date with a Book." I used YA books and wrapped them in pretty paper. I printed out blurbs on each book from Goodreads and put them on the front - careful to erase anything about the title, author & character names. [...]

Groundhog Day & Valentine’s Day Displays

Curtesy of Miss Melinda in the Children's Room...... I knew there was a reason I HAD to buy the groundhog puppet! How cute is that?                      Also Miss Melinda's creation 🙂