Election Day in the Children’s Room


It wasn’t even close, with Pigeon winning in an overwhelming 2 to 1 victory over Pete the Cat. Pigeon, amusing, outspoken and often times devious, was not really taken seriously as a candidate for president. Pete the Cat – known for sage advice in his “Groovy Guides” to life and love, was thought to be the more rational choice. “I really thought Pete would win!” wailed Youth Services Assistant , Miss Melinda. In exit polls, most voters claimed to be more familiar with Pigeon and his funny antics. “Pigeon says and does what he wants,” said a girl carrying a stack of books. “It’s funny!” This was a hard blow to most of the library staff the day after the national presidential election, and the world was ending.

On a lighter note, now we can put all efforts into our Thanksgiving display!! Yay!!

It’s how we get through the day, people. 

Check out these sites about  our favorite Children’s Room candidates, Pigeon (we still love him) and Pete the Cat stories!


~Miss Molly

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