Gift Book Review ~ Me: A Compendium by Wee Society

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I bought this for my cousin’s almost-seven-year-old daughter for Christmas and I just had to share how cool this book is! It’s like a journal, but even more fun because each page asks you different questions about yourself and you fill in the answers, either by writing them or by drawing a picture. It’s a beautiful hardcover book with really cute, modern graphics that are wonderfully gender-neutral. You could potentially give one every year – they would be fun to look back on (until they grow out of it.) I kind of want one for myself!

I also thought there were some great ideas in here for a Tween program or for an interactive library display!


And what did my cousin’s daughter think of it? Well, she opened it and it ended up on the floor almost immediately. However, this was to be expected since it wasn’t a beanie boo. I think maybe she’ll like it once she looks through it. 😉


~ Miss Molly


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